Eternal Warrior

By stub, with lots of help from Quills (thanks, brother)

DATE: 2-28-04
DISCLAIMER: The character of Jonathan Soma belongs to Quills, but I guess Klingons and Starfleet belong to Paramount. Va'las could be considered mine, though I don't really like her.
SUMMARY: How did Soma get that tattoo, anyway?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Quills made me do it. If you hate it, it's his fault. If you like it, then it was all my idea. Seriously, this is still Quills' baby. It was his idea. I've somehow gotten myself a reputation of writing this kind of thing so I graciously accepted the challenge. He helped out quite a bit and this was a united effort for the both of us.


"Goddamned Klingons…"

Commander Jonathan Soma cursed the low lighting as he stumbled down the spinning corridors to his quarters. He'd just come from the Mess where his shipmates were still celebrating the glorious success of their mission. Soma had been part of a collaborative effort on the part of the Empire and Starfleet. Being a Vulcan, Starfleet felt Soma was the ideal officer to act as liaison. Frictions between humans and Klingons had been building for decades and Starfleet believed it would be best to have a non-human officer deal with the Klingons.

Soma wasn’t entirely thrilled with the assignment. Truthfully, he didn’t care much for Klingons. Hadn’t they tried to capture or kill Admiral Archer on more than a few occasions? Soma would have much preferred to pass on the assignment to another officer and remain about the Dauntless as first officer. Being assigned to a Klingon vessel for weeks on end was not the commander's idea of a good time. In fact, he couldn't wait to get off this damned ship tomorrow.

"One more night," he muttered as he finally neared his room.

It hadn't been a long mission by most standards, but to Soma it had felt like years. Being an "observer" appointed by Starfleet left the commander grateful for his half Vulcan heritage. His patience was tried daily. The Klingons had developed a new military test vessel with advanced technologies, only to lose it in an area of space with a high Starfleet presence. The affair was a political embarrassment, complicated by the fact that if the Klingons tried to retrieve the vessel, it would have been considered an act of war. If Starfleet tried to claim it, the Klingons would more than likely to war. That left one option: retrieve the test vehicle together.

The Klingons sent a warship, which rendevouzed with the Starfleet vessel, U.S.S. Brigade. Together, the two ships traveled to the remote star system, the vessel was reportedly adrift in, only to find Orion pirates had gotten there first. The Orions acted quickly, firing on the two ships. A battle ensued, the Brigade was destroyed and the Orions escaped with their prize. Commander Soma found himself stranded on the Klingon ship. Thus began a tenuous sojourn as he grudgingly assisted the Empire in retrieving the test ship before the Orions sold its secrets to the highest bidder.

To say the Klingons are a mistrustful lot would be an understatement. Soma had to prove himself constantly, reassuring his new 'friends' that neither he nor Starfleet was interested in the military information. Va'las, the ship’s first officer, had been the worst of his problems. She would watch him closely, spying on his every move. She constantly mocked him, she tried to raise his temper, get some kind of reaction from him. Soma was careful around the woman. Va'las was tough as nails and damn smart, but she was as paranoid as they came.

Eventually Soma was able to gain the Klingons' confidence by playing a pivotal role in the recovery of their prize. He had proven to his Klingon crewmates that he was a man of honor, something they could understand and respect. It bought him an uneasy trust among the crew, who referred to him in some obscure term his language lessons from Hoshi Sato told him meant ‘little brother’. Even Va'las lightened up…as much as a Klingon could.

A celebration of the glorious victory was held that evening in the Mess Hall. Songs were sung and blood wine flowed as the Klingons honored the valiant crew of the Brigade and their own successful retrieval of the test vehicle. Once liquored up on blood wine, however, Va'las was back to her old ways and would not leave Soma alone. She watched his every move during the celebration. She followed him about, butting into conversations. After a half dozen refills, Soma didn't care much. He had not intended to drink so much, but he was quite certain he didn’t want offend his hosts. Unfortunately, even his Vulcan half couldn't resist the intoxicants of Klingon blood wine. The room began to spin and the Starfleet officer, feeling light headed, tried to excuse himself and retire for the evening.

That had been two hours ago. The Klingons, Soma learned, loved a good party and the more the merrier. The crew refused to let him leave. He carried on as best he could and at least had the sense enough to quit drinking. Finally his escape came in a most unexpected fashion…Va'las. She threw a well-muscled arm around his shoulder leading him roughly through the crowd and to the door, his own personal escort.

"Go, Starfleet," Va'las hissed. "Go and get your…beauty rest."

Soma smiled and nodded curtly, unsure whether to take that comment as a compliment or an insult. If it had been any of the other Klingon crew, he'd be quite certain it was intended as an unflattering goodnight. But with Va'las…

Shaking his head clear and keying in the entry code to his quarters, Soma smiled to himself. It was over. He'd be transferred back to his own ship tomorrow. His own clean, well lit ship. No Klingons, no Klingon smells, no Klingon targs and no Klingon blood wine! He rubbed his head as he felt the dull ache the alcohol was causing him. The door slowly slid open, grinding and groaning the whole way. Soma sighed and added functioning mechanisms to his list of ‘it's-good-to-be-home items’. He took one step over the threshold before registering a shriek from somewhere behind him.

The next thing the commander knew, he had landed hard on his hands and knees, a heavy weight draped over him, a warm, soft weight. An arm cinched around his waist, hauling him to his feet. In a move purely instinctual, Soma lifted his shoulder and swung his elbow back. He heard a satisfying crack as his elbow made contact with his intruder's nose. A cry of pain followed immediately.

Soma spun around with fists raised. An eyebrow arched in surprise.


Her hand was at her nose, purple blood pouring from her nostrils. Va'las lowered her hand. She was grinning.

"What are you doing?" asked Soma. He was about to lower his hands from his defensive posture when he noticed the fire in her eyes.

"We have unfinished business to settle, Starfleet," growled the Klingon. She took a step towards him.

Soma stood his ground. "My business here is finished," he corrected.

Va'las barked out a coarse chuckle. "I will have you, Commander. Tonight."

With that, she lunged at him. Soma tried to sidestep her but she was too quick. She wrapped her arms around him throwing him to the deck. He struggled as best he could, but even a female Klingon outweighed him by a good 20 kilos. Soma tried every defensive move he knew, to no avail. Va'las had him successfully pinned to the floor.

Looking up at the Klingon Amazon as she leered at him, Soma could see an unmistakable
look in her eyes…lust! Oh crap!

"I guess I don't have to ask what your intentions are," Soma sighed. His head was spinning from too much blood wine. He didn't have much struggle left in him.

Va'las wiggled her hips against his. She bent her head close and growled lowly in his ear. To Soma's utter shock, he felt his body respond to the very carnal sensations the Klingon was eliciting. He felt her lips tug his earlobe. And then Va'las did something unexpected…she bit him, hard.

"Ouch!" he cried. Soma flinched and tried to push her away. He could feel blood running down his neck.

She sat back up and ripped off her top. A gnarly grin spread across her face, his green blood still on her teeth. Va'las grabbed the Soma’s hand and tugged it up to her chest.

Soma's Vulcan half protested in his head. He couldn’t do this. She is first officer aboard this ship, his crewmate and a warrior, completely incompatible with himself. His Human half, however, tossed all logic to the wind. Soma gazed up at her naked breasts. Somewhere through the buzzing and spinning of the blood wine, his mind registered that she really did have a nice rack…for a Klingon. Her breasts were full and heavy, her nipples standing out in deep purple peaks. Va'las placed his hand on her left breast, her own hand guiding and manipulating his to knead it.

She growled fiercely and leaned back over him. Soma's instincts took over as his mouth latched on to a perfect nipple. His tongue swirled around the sensitive nub. His hand continued to knead her other breast while Va'las' hips ground against his. He scraped his teeth gently over her nipple.

"Bite me harder," Va'las hissed.

"What?" Soma looked up at her face to make sure he had heard her correctly.

"Harder! Don't stop until you taste my blood!"

He suppressed a look of disgust. When in Rome, he thought. Soma bit down as hard as he dared. Va'las made a strangled sort of groan, though whether in pleasure or frustration he couldn't tell.

“QI'yaH!” she cursed in frustration "You're too gentle!"

"Well what do you want me to do? Spank your ass and yell, 'Who's your daddy?'"

"It sounds interesting," Va'las grinned. She seemed thoughtful.

Soma took the silence as an opportunity to continue. He sucked harder on her nipple. He felt her hand under his chin. To his drunken horror, she pushed up on his jaw, forcing him to bite down hard. He felt her warm blood on his teeth and tongue.

"That's more like it," Va'las purred. She tugged herself free and sat back, staring at Soma.

It occurred to him in a rushing moment of clarity that Va'las was used to sex with other aggressive Klingons. She expected blood and bruising. He, on the other hand, did not. A flash of fear came over Soma. For the first time in a long time, Soma was scared. What were her intentions for him? For his bits? He groaned aloud as he frantically hoped that she didn't leave him any permanent damage.

Va'las stood quickly, grabbing his collar, pulling him to his feet. She pushed him back against the bulkhead and ripped his shirt clean off.

"Hey!" Soma started to protest, but was cut off by her hands at his waistband. He felt his heart rate increase. Fear and arousal battled for dominance. She rubbed at his cock through his pants, her mouth nipping at his naked muscular chest.

Va'las pulled back and studied him a moment, her palm stilled against his penis. "Is that as big as it gets?" she sneered.

Both eyebrows rose as Soma fought the indignation of the insult. "This was your idea, sister. You want results then you need to work it better than that." She growled at the return insult, but Soma was convinced she thought it was foreplay.

She stepped back enough to kick off her boots and push her own pants off. Standing before him, she was completely naked. The low lighting shadowed her muscular frame and ample breasts. She gave him a wicked grin. It suddenly occurred to Soma why Klingons had cranial ridges. It was protective headgear!

Va'las leaned her naked body into Soma's. In an effort to play her way, he grabbed her shoulders and forced her to her knees before him. She resisted and he slid one hand against her side to apply force to a pressure point. Her response was unexpected. A series of throaty giggles escaped from her mouth and Soma looked down at her in surprise.

“A ticklish Klingon?”

Va’las glared at him. “Do that again and I will feed you to my targ!”

Soma grinned at her. He believed every word she said, but found the thought that this Amazon warrior had such a weakness. “Don’t worry…I have other plans.”

Taking his cue, Va'las tugged impatiently at his zipper. She carelessly shoved his pants down his thighs while grinning madly at the sight of his hard cock bobbing before her eyes. She turned her grin up at him.

It was then that Soma caught sight of her jagged teeth. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. In his half-drunken state, all he could think about was how much he didn't want his cock anywhere near her mouth. She might damn well bite it off! He felt all the blood drain away, his erection gone.


Va'las screamed in outrage. She stood up in a flash, landing a blow to his jaw. Soma felt his jaw tingle as he glared back at her. He shoved her away from him. She came at him swinging again, a feral growl escaping her throat. He managed to block the first few punches, but Soma could easily tell Va'las was holding back.

Sure enough, the Klingon lunged for him. She slipped one arm between his legs, the other over his shoulder and hauled him off the deck, flipping him. He landed hard, the wind knocked from his lungs. Somewhere in Soma's mind through the buzz of alcohol and pain, he was confused and outraged. Suppression of emotion would not be prudent in this situation.

Soma fought back. He wasn't usually fond of fighting, let alone a female, however dire circumstances required dire measures. He kicked her off him and bounced to his feet. It all seemed to happen in a rush. Soma alternately found himself on the deck, against the bulkhead, even sprawled on his the bunk. He pinned his opponent several times, but to no avail. She bit. He punched. She wailed at him. He shouted back.

Their moment of intimacy had turned into a free for all. The desk chair scattered in several pieces on the floor, the result of being smashed against Va'las' back. The more they fought, the more invigorated each became. Sweat poured off them, their bodies slick against each other. Finding a grip was a challenge, which neither took lightly.

One thing Soma noticed was that as fierce as Klingons were, they lacked the stamina of Vulcans. He grinned madly as he finally pinned Va'las securely to the deck, her arms over her head. He studied her face as he panted down on her. Her eyes were still lit with fire. Her body was hot beneath his, tense yet still soft in all the right places.

"That's more like it, half-breed," Va'las grinned. She lifted her hips up and rubbed them against his. "I see it worked for you as well."

It was then Soma realized his erection was back and in full swing. He let out a growl of his own. Primal urges forced logic and chivalry to a dark corner of his mind. He ground his cock against her hip, nipping not so lightly at her neck. His hand slid down her arm, over her breast, down to the juncture of her legs. His fingers found her already swollen and wet. He bit down hard on her shoulder as his fingers sank inside her.

Va'las howled. Her own free hand found its way to his cock. She gripped it tightly sending a shiver down Soma's spine. He pulled back and knelt before her, spreading her thighs with his knees. He could feel the pulse in his cock as it throbbed in anticipation. He ran his palm and fingers over her wet sex and then lubricated his cock with her juices. Soma rubbed the head against her entrance. His fingers teased her clit.

With a thrust of his hips, Soma's cock was buried inside her. They both moaned. Va'las arched her back, pulling him in even deeper. His eyes rolled up as his hips began to move. He felt her legs wrap around him, her ankles locking behind him. Her powerful thighs pulled him closer.

Soma leaned over her, taking a nipple into his mouth. He could feel her nails carving bloody marks into his shoulders and back. Their hips rocked together as he drove in and out. Va'las grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked his head up.

"What?" Soma scowled.

"You're too slow," complained Va'las.

With that, the Klingon twisted. Soma fell off balance and once again ended up on his back on the floor. He was still inside her. She loomed over him and gently grabbed his ears.

"Vulcans like their ears rubbed, do they not?" she asked. Her hips began to move.

"Mmmm," was all Soma could manage. His hands rested on her hips as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Va'las worked his cock harder, as she rubbed more intensely at his ears. Soma was beyond words. He could hear her moaning and growling from somewhere above him. He felt his climax approaching. He didn't want to come before her. In a brief moment of clarity, he was afraid to come before she did. He didn't know what she'd do to him.

Soma held on as Va'las rode him, stroking his ears and keening. He was so close. He felt her muscles around his cock begin to contract. The Klingon began to wail. She was coming.

Thank God, he thought. And then he let go. His cock pulsed as he released into her. Her orgasm set off one of the best orgasms of his life. He was vaguely aware of her hands at his ears, gripping his head with all her might. She lifted his head as she arched her back, the final waves of her orgasm washing over her.

With one final growl, Ve'las smashed his head back against the deck. The last thing Jonathan Soma remembered before blacking out was the look of satisfaction on the Klingon's face.

* * *

The Starfleet officer awoke shivering. Soma was curled up in the fetal position in the middle of his quarters, naked and freezing. He unfolded himself slowly. Pain from countless areas shot through his body.

Soma groaned. And then he remembered last night. He cursed aloud and staggered to his feet. He was covered in dried, caked blood both green and purple. He padded carefully to the lavatory, needing support from the bulkheads as he went. His head was pounding, his back was aching, his legs were stiff and it felt like there were needles in his shoulder.

When he caught a look at himself in the mirror, Soma groaned again. He was a mess. He had bruises, cuts and scrapes everywhere. And were those teeth marks? Soma sighed and shook his head. As he turned to start a hot shower, something in the mirror caught his eye.

He twisted his shoulder and could see a series of cuts running down his shoulder, but they weren’t like the others that covered his body. Leaning closer, his eyes widened in disbelief. Va'las had marked him. She had carved Klingon glyphs into his skin while he was passed out.

"Son of a bitch!" he exclaimed softly.

He tried to make out the glyphs, wiping the blood away.

Kne'lgen…Eternal Warrior.

Soma smiled in spite of himself. It must have been good for her as well.