name: Jonathan Soma 
height: 6'1"
hair: brown w/gray
gender: male 
species: Vulcan/Human hybrid
age: 177 
serial number: SP-171-472
rank: captain

Born Jonathan Soma to T'Pol of Vulcan and the human Starfleet officer Charles Tucker III, the infant Soma was given his human name in honor of his parents' close friend, Captain Jonathan Archer. The captain was chosen as the child's godparent and would be instrumental in shaping young Soma into the Starfleet officer he would one day become. Soma spent an appreciable portion of his early childhood aboard Archer's Enterprise, growing up among the human Starfleet crew members who treated him like family. From the beginning, his parents agreed that he should be exposed to both his heritages. He received his Vulcan education largely from his mother, while his father gave him his human education with the assistance of many of the human crew members who served aboard Enterprise. Between the equal emphasis that his dual heritage was given and the many "strange new worlds" Archer and the Enterprise crew visited, Soma received a well-rounded education of the galaxy and the life forms that inhabited it. This education would prove invaluable for his future as a starship commander. 

At the age of seven, his parents decided that if, one day, he were to choose to enter Vulcan society, that he would have to be taught more of what it meant to be a Vulcan than his mother could offer aboard a starship. Although his father had hoped that his son could grow up like other human children, he knew that Jonathan was not like them and with a heavy heart he acquiesced to his wife's request. Soma was sent to live on Vulcan, with his forefather (grandfather) Soval, where he was more directly exposed to Vulcan culture and education. Although he found life among Vulcans very different from the one that he had lived as a young child aboard the Enterprise, he enthusiastically embraced those differences, learning everything he could about Vulcan and its people. Although he was never entirely accepted by most Vulcans, his ability to excel through his competitive nature assured him a grudging respect among many of his Vulcan peers.

Making visits to Earth and the Enterprise as often as his Vulcan studies permitted, Soma explored his dual heritage, striving to give both an equal standing in his life. He participated in the Kaz Wan ordeal at the age of eleven and entered the Vulcan Science Academy four years later, graduating at the age of nineteen. Many of Soma's instructors viewed his early graduation as premature and believed that he was advancing too far and too fast for his own good. While more progressive instructors viewed the young student's rapid movement through the Vulcan education system as a byproduct of his dual heritage: “The human proclivity for competition and insatiable curiosity,” one instructor was quoted as saying. After graduating from the Vulcan Science Academy, he turned down a promising apprenticeship at the Vulcan Science Directorate. Realizing that he could no longer embrace both cultures equally, the young Soma decided that he would travel to Earth and enroll in Starfleet Academy. Once he graduated, he would have to choose which direction his life would take.

Until that time, Starfleet Academy had been comprised of exclusively human cadets and Soma's application was originally rejected on superfluous grounds. However, it was through the anonymous intervention of then Admiral Jonathan Archer that Soma's application was reviewed and he was granted entrance into the Academy. Admiral Archer never told Soma that he had spoken on his behalf, knowing the head strong Vulcan insisted on being self-reliant. However, Soma suspected that someone high up had to have called for the reconsider and he has always suspected it was Archer, to whom he remains eternally grateful. As a Starfleet cadet, Soma showed high aptitude in the sciences; a trait attributed to both his parents formidable abilities. Cadet Soma also showed great interest in the athletic aspect of his cadet life and as a sophomore became the Academy’s golden gloves champion; a title he held through his graduation. During semester breaks and weekends Soma spent time in Florida, where he stayed with his father's family on their farm in Pensacola. While at the Academy he met a human female that he became romantically involved with, but like his father's early experiences, romantic relationships would prove difficult to hold onto. After graduating from Starfleet, he followed through with his vow to choose a course his life would take. Although he respected Vulcans and all he had learned during his years among them, he was still tied to the human Starfleet crew that had been his surrogate family since the day he was born. Ensign Soma accepted his first deep space assignment and never looked back on that decision.

Soma moved through the ranks quickly. At this time Starfleet was still a fledgling service and the Vulcan made a name for himself as a maverick starship commander, like his mentor Admiral Archer. He never served under Archer or aboard the Enterprise, which had been taken out of active service by the time he had graduated from the Academy. Soma did serve for three years aboard the U.S.S. Heracles, under the command of his childhood 'big brother' Travis Mayweather. Shortly after he was promoted off of the Heracles, the starship was lost with all hands during what was later discovered to be a Tellerite separatist’s movement to protest Tellerite membership in the United Federation of Planets. Ninety years later, Captain Soma would find the Heracles with Captain Travis Mayweather alive and in suspended animation. (see Gateway) When Soma left the Heracles, he was promoted to first officer of the Dauntless where he participated in the first joint Starfleet/Klingon mission. It was on this mission that he received the infamous Klingon tattoo that he still wears to this day (see Eternal Warrior). After serving aboard the Dauntless, Soma was awarded his first command, the U.S.S. Argo. It was aboard the Argo that the 'Andorian Incident' occurred (see Uneasy Alliances). During Soma's early years as a captain the conflict with the Romulans escalated into full blown war. Soma demonstrated his command ability and tactics in several decisive engagements that set him apart as a legendary starship captain. After the war, he devoted an appreciable amount of time making first contacts for the ever-expanding United Federation of Planets.

With the age of exploration on the horizon, Starfleet introduced the newly constructed Constitution Class starships; of which there were thirteen of these unique vessels. At the time, Soma was the most experienced officer with the longest time in grade, do to his extreme Vulcan life span. It was widely believed that he would be given command of one of these thirteen new starships, most likely the Enterprise. When she was first commissioned, he was in line to take command. Soma was more than qualified and had a unique relationship with another starship named Enterprise. Unfortunately, a last minute decision by Starfleet Brass gave command to Captain Robert April; a competent commander, but one who lacked Soma's experience. Starfleet never explained their decision to give command of the Enterprise to April, but most felt it was because Starfleet wanted the best and brightest of Earth to command the new Constitution Class starships. Soma's hybrid nature precluded him from representing human achievement. Another opinion was that it involved an old grudge Humans held against the Vulcans for holding back Earth's advance in warp flight technology.

Shortly after the launch of the famous Constitution Class vessels, the fourth Kzinti war began. The Kzinti, a felinoid race of carnivores, had already attempted to invade the Federation and failed in three previous wars. During their fourth war with the Federation, Captain Soma was captured and imprisoned on a Kzinti prison planet. There he was tortured for vital information on Starfleet's battle plans. His torturers systematically broke bones in his body, set them, allowed them to partially heal and broke them again. After weeks of torture, but nothing to show for it, the Kzinti left Soma for dead. Shortly after, members of his crew made an attempt to rescue their captain. The attempt failed and six members of Soma's crew were captured. The Kzinti forced Soma to watch as they tortured the captured crew members in an effort to force him to reveal Starfleet's battle plans. The captain refused and all six crew members were put to death. Soma survived and was eventually rescued, along with dozens of other prisoners, when Starfleet defeated the Kzinti once and for all. Of all the deaths in that war, the six crew members who attempted to rescue him weigh heaviest on his conscience. (see Sibling Rivalry).

Soma continued his career, taking on the role of Captain of Starfleet Operations. A role he resigned after the ill-fated loss of the starship Intrepid, crewed entirely by Vulcans; a command that Soma had turned down because he believed the Intrepid needed a full Vulcan to captain the ship; a decision he would regret making when the ship was lost with all hands. It was through a chance encounter with another half Vulcan/half Human named Spock, during the Intrepid disaster, that Soma re-evaluated his posting in Starfleet and later resigned his position as Captain of Starfleet Operations to take command of a starship once again. (see Intrepid Vulcans) Through his career as a Starfleet officer, he has come into contact with a number of other officers who became legends. Most notably was Captain James T. Kirk (see Intrepid Vulcans) who, as a young lieutenant, was posted under Captain Soma’s command. The young headstrong Kirk proved to be capable and showed promise in the command area, but in Soma's opinion, his overly ambitious nature detracted from Kirk's ability to advance to command. Proving too remote for Captain Soma to reach, he had Kirk transferred to the starship Farragut, where he hoped his long time friend, Captain Garrovick, could reach the lieutenant where Soma was unable.

In 2331, Captain Soma was finally awarded the position he had wanted all his life. He officially took command of the newly christened Ambassador-class heavy cruiser, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C, where he served out the remainder of his Starfleet career before being succeeded by his first officer, Commander Rachel Garrett. Sadly, the Enterprise-C was lost with all hands in 2344. During his command of the starship Enterprise, Soma continued the legendary starship's journey "to seek out new life forms and new civilizations." It was during his time aboard the Enterprise-C that Captain Soma and his crew would travel and meet the crew of the Enterprise NX-01, sharing several adventures with that legendary ship and crew. (see Gateway, Enemy of the State & Shadows). In addition, Soma met and interacted with his parent's alternate timeline son, Lorian. From the beginning, Lorian had a strong dislike for Soma, which centered on a personal issue Lorian had never been able to resolve. During the mission the two did manage to resolve the issue, but their relationship is still tenuous at best (see Sibling Rivalry). Do to the nature of these missions, they have been classified by Starfleet Command.

Family History:

Captain Soma's parents had two other children after Soma. A son and a daughter. They both followed their mother's philosophy, adopting the way of Surak.

Sovek, the son, graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy with honors. He serves as the civilian leader for Starfleet's Advanced Warp Design program. He and his family currently reside on Memory Alpha. ***Personal note - As a child, Soma would tease Sovek, calling him by his human name, Charlie. As adults, Soma is the only person who calls his brother by his human name.****

Setel, the daughter, graduated from Vulcan's Applied Institute for Advanced Mathematics. She turned down a promising career as a theoretical mathematician to pursue her interest in music. Setel believes in the harmony of music with mathematics. Her unique works of mathematically precise musical prose have made her a celebrated figure among the Federation's artistic community.

Soma has never married, citing that his affections for a woman have ever matched his love for exploration.

Captain Soma has one daughter.

Like many hybrids in nature, Soma is physically superior to either of his parents. His strength and physical abilities are all slightly higher than the average Vulcan male. His life span is also longer than the average Vulcan's (200 years), which explains his extreme longevity.